Photographer, gaffer and artist; Nicholas combines this diverse set of skills to deliver unique works through multiple mediums. With a watchful eye on the ever shifting visual trends around him, Nicholas embraces these into his commercial and editorial works.

With connections in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London Nicholas is able to move freely while maintaining the highest level of quality with local producers, cinematographers and lighting technicians for any production.


It was my brother Daniel who initially got me into photography. I vividly remember watching him appropriate Olive Cotton's work in the family courtyard for a school assignment and subsequently seeing the darkroom prints. I was enamoured by the black and white contrast and seemingly simple process in which you could take an everyday object and turn it into something of beauty.

I studied at the Canberra Institute of Technology where i graduated with a degree in photography. While studying i passionately photographed BMX and skateboarding for magazines such as 2020 and Slam Skateboarding, honing my skills with transparency film and multiple flashes. 

Continuing to shoot my passions i moved to Sydney to work with one of Australia's leading food and lifestyle photographers and soon found myself working on advertising and editorial jobs around the world. After a fortuitous meeting with a mate of mate in New York City i had myself a job as a studio assistant in a well known photographers private Tribeca studio. Jobs for Vogue, Macy's, Bloomingdales and that Korean ad job you'll never see flew by as i hustled around the studio doing everything from lighting to painting the cyc.                     As they do, other opportunities presented themselves to further challenge my skills; and there i was, still living in New York but now  travelling again.

After a few years i was back in Australia and looking to diversify my skills so i started working in the lighting department on feature films and commercials, soon moving up to become the gaffer on smaller features and commercials.

Lighting Agent - Auscrew 

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Exhibitions - 


SALT, Comber Street Studios Gallery, Paddington - Sydney, Australia


Nude Assassin feat. Florentina Pergoleto, Alpha Gallery Newtown - Sydney, Australia

NYRM Street Gallery, City - Sydney, Australia


ACTJAM'15, West Basin Cultural park - Canberra, Australia

A New Perspective, Civic - Canberra, Australia


Crystal Gazing (group show), National Portrait Gallery - Canberra, Australia


Prints available upon request.